Minggu, 14 November 2010


Sunday, 14th November 2010 was an amazing day for all the pcc's members because we had an inauguration for the new committee and the new members of PCC academic year 2010/2011
and of course in every inauguration there'll be some performances from the 10th and 11th grades to entertain the teachers and all the audiences.
and me as the 10th grades students also as the new members must perform a drama entitled "THE THREE PIGS AND THE WEATHER WOLF"
okay from the title there's nothing special, but if you read the script, you'll know how unique our drama is!

it was a story about the three pigs who had to leave their home and try to build their own house. but their house was destroyed by a weather wolf who tried to eat the pigs! so the three pigs managed to escape to the forest. then they met with a princess. and guess what, it was princess snow white ! then the three pigs and the princess snow white found a yucky dirty house and they stayed there for a night. actually it was a house of the four dwarfs. meanwhile there was a queen who tried to kill snow white because she wanted to be the most beautiful woman in the land. then the wolf made an alliance with the queen to kill snow white and eat the pigs.
then the queen disguised into a granny with a basket of poisonous apples. she gave an apple to snow white, when snow white eat the apple, she fell down and she died. the dwarfs and the pigs were very sad about the death of princess snow white. but fortunately, one of the dwarfs succeed to kill the wolf and the queen by throwing the poisonous apple to the queen's wand and the black magic killed the wolf while the queen was being chased by the dwarfs and she died.
in the end of the drama, the princess woke up and made all the pigs and the dwarfs shocked! and guess what, actually the princess wasn't die, she just collapsed because the apple stop in her throat. and finally the pigs and the dwarfs also the princess lived happily ever after in the forest :D

at first the story looked so random but actually it's not.
the story was so hilarious and all the audiences laughed when they saw our performances.
We were soooooo happy because we never expected that our drama will be as good as this.

and one more things that made me happy is because I was chosen as the sub-committee of PCC academic year 2010/2011
and now we have to concern for our next project --> STUDENTS FIESTA :D
what is students fiesta and how it will be will be explained on my next entries 
hihi :)

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