Jumat, 08 Oktober 2010

I'll be the grandma (again) -___-

today I was chosen as the grandma in PCC Inauguration's Drama
ooohh... I guessed it from the start that I'll get that role
don't know why but if there's someone who'll fit with a 'grandma role',
then it'll be me
bzzzz -_____________________-

it's okay...
at least it's better than a 'pig mom role '
haha xD

so I'll tell you a little bout our drama
the title is "Three Pigs and Weather Wolf" (or something like that cause I don't remember it clearly)
but the unique thing bout our drama is that the story will be mixed with the Snow White story
so it'll be really funny and hilarious for sure
:D haha

but we still don't know bout the concept
the most important thing is practice the drama everyday so we can perform well
all of the actors and actresses will be performed by the new goers (students from 10th grade)
so the success of our inauguration is in our hand!!
all the new goers!! xD

hoooaah there will be so much things to do for this event
hope we'll perform well and make our beloved teachers proud of us

Kamis, 07 Oktober 2010

spirit of my life

edisi bahasa inggris
wakawaka :D

to have someone who always be by your side is amazing
to be loved by someone is wonderful
but to be encouraged when we're down is going to mean anything

when I think that my life is hard
all about school, homework, examinations, family, friends, etc
it's really a happiness for me if I have someone who will encouraged me to get up
to face all the things bravely and be confident with my self

I thought it was just a dream
to have someone like that is impossible

but now I know I have someone like that in my life
the one who will never let me down
who gives me so much spirits to overcome everything

it's okay if I have to face examinations everyday
it's okay if God gives me so many problems
cause my God know that he'll always be by my side
and support me every time

It's amazing how you looked past my flaws,
And never criticized me,
Just loved me passionately.
Gave me everythings
and never hurt me

honestly, until this day, I can't believe that you are back into my life
I never think that you'll be so lovely like this
I never dare to think that you'll be that person
the person who will always be by my side and gives me a bunch of love and so.. many spirits

maybe you don't know
and you'll never know
how a word from you is going to mean everything for me
once you encourage me I think that I am a luckiest people in the world

thank you
I don't know how to make you as happy as me
I don't know how to be a good person for you as you do for me
and I don't want to promise you anything
but you have to know that every word I say from my lips is true
I say it from the deepest part of my soul
and you know,
I never expect this much loves from you
It's hard to believe that you're always here beside me

thank you for being my air
the air of my life
that give me the strength to life

thank you
I love you most :)

I can feel the exams in the air

huuaah ini minggu minggu paling sibuk
3 minggu bahkan sampe 4 minggu UTS ga kelar-kelar
dibarengi tugas yang tanpa ampun

tiap hari kerjaannya sekolah, UTS, ulangan, pulang sore, nyampe rumah istirahat bentar, belajar sampe malem.
atau kalo bener bener kecapekan biasanya jam 9 aku uda molor terus baru kebangun jam 3 pagi
trus ngelanjutin belajar sampe subuh trus berangkat skul lagi

capek juga lama lama sama smua rutinitas gini ini
iya kalo gurunya enak dan mendukung
emang sih katanya sekarang pake sistem student center atau apa deh namanya aku gatau
jadi guru cuma sbg fasilitator
dan yang cari ilmu itu siswanya sendiri
ya kalau gini aku jadi pening juga lama lama

tapi kalo gini ini aku cuma bisa menghibur diri sendiri
"sabaar cuma 4 minggu ini doang kok UTS nya, habis itu rapotan trus KTS deh.."
"menderita 3 taun doang kok, yang lebih menderita dari ini adaa.."
"bisa bisa. pokoke sinau sing genah yo iso.."

aaaaaaahh mbelengerrr ....
tapi man jadda wajada
orang yg sungguh sungguh pasti bisa

aku pasti bisa walau butuh waktu loading yang rada lemot
yaah dicoba dulu deh
harus betah2in di skul gimana pun caranya
harus menganggap ini semua konsekuensi dari keputusanku dulu pengen masuk smansa

ganbatte kudasai for my self! :D

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