Jumat, 08 Oktober 2010

I'll be the grandma (again) -___-

today I was chosen as the grandma in PCC Inauguration's Drama
ooohh... I guessed it from the start that I'll get that role
don't know why but if there's someone who'll fit with a 'grandma role',
then it'll be me
bzzzz -_____________________-

it's okay...
at least it's better than a 'pig mom role '
haha xD

so I'll tell you a little bout our drama
the title is "Three Pigs and Weather Wolf" (or something like that cause I don't remember it clearly)
but the unique thing bout our drama is that the story will be mixed with the Snow White story
so it'll be really funny and hilarious for sure
:D haha

but we still don't know bout the concept
the most important thing is practice the drama everyday so we can perform well
all of the actors and actresses will be performed by the new goers (students from 10th grade)
so the success of our inauguration is in our hand!!
all the new goers!! xD

hoooaah there will be so much things to do for this event
hope we'll perform well and make our beloved teachers proud of us

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