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VoA and Invisible Children

It was on Thursday, 08 March 2012 when I first heard about Invisible Children.
I was on my way to school.
Every morning I have to go to school with my parents, and my parents always listen to VoA radio channel, so that's why I have to listen to it as well. 
That day, I heard a news about something called "Invisible Children"
I never heard about that thing before, but I don't know why I was very interested to hear it.

Invisible Children is the name of organization (LSM). 
They have made a movie entitled Kony2012 (if I'm not mistaken) to against Joseph Kony and his group, LRA.
I also heard that Joseph Kony is a cruel criminal who abducted many children to be his army. 
And the main goal of Invisible Children is that they want the world to know about Kony's crime. One of their method is by using the power of media. Some celebrities like Rihanna and Taylor Swift support this movement and became the trending topics on twitter. 

After I heard about that news, I start to wonder and become curious with all the things related to Invisible Children. I want to know more about the rebel war in Central Africa and everything about Joseph Kony's crime.
Finally I searched everything on google, opened the official website of Invisible Children and read every information in every pages.
I start to know that in Africa something cruel like this is still exist ! 
Sometimes I wonder how can this kind of thing happen ??
Is there no president or government there ?
How can they let this happen ?
How is those children now ?
and there's a lot of questions in my head that I haven't know the answers are.

After that I start to tell my friends about Invisible Children and their movements
I think it is a shame if young people like us do not know that this kind of thing is happening nowadays.
And surprisingly they were very interested to know more !
So I opened the website again and translated the information for them
And they started to ask many same questions as mine
But we think that even though we can't help too much, but we can share this stories to many other people who is still do not know about this movement.
So we started to tell other friends directly or by using Facebook and Twitter

This is the first time I knew that LSM can bring such a big movement and let all the people in the world to join their action
Even though I can't give such a big impacts, but I believe that if every single people in the world know about Kony's cruelness, they will unite and of course it will make the policymakers and the culture makers to speak about it and make some difference. 

I was grateful that I listened to VoA radio channel that day. If I didn't then I will never know about Invisible Children and Kony's cruelness.  If I didn't know about it then maybe my friends won't know about it as well.

This is the first time I join the Kontes Ngeblog VoA
Actually my parents always ask me to join this contest but I don't have any courage at all. Because my english is not good enough and I don't think that I can write such a good article/blog.
But I was very inspired by Invisible Children and that VoA is the first one who tell and introduce me to it. So I want to thank VoA because you have given me such a great news and a lot of new knowledge everyday.



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